[BLACKBERRY vs IPHONE] Blackberry Evil Diversion to Steal the IPhone spotlight today

Today I couldn’t help but to realize something, while two significant things happened. One with great news and the other not so much, but it all depends on how you look at it or who???s side you are on.

As everyone know, today was a huge day for Apple at their IPhone OS 4 event which started around 1pm eastern time. Today was the day Steve gave us all the great news about the IPhone OS 4 new features [read more about that here]

The second thing happen around 12pm eastern time. There was a crazy dangerous viral virus going around on the Blackberry?? [read info about the event here].

So I couldn???t help to think, on the most Important day ??for Apple???s “IPHONE”, Blackberry had a viral virus message going around. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? ??Yes you are!

Blackberry couldn???t stand to see the “IPhone” get all the spotlight today, so somehow they threw a diversion out in the world to distract us from the “IPHONE”. Interesting right?

Well look at it, The Blackberry is the IPhone???s biggest competitor, even though they are nothing alike, but only because each has something the other wants. The “IPhone” wants to tap more into the business market and the “blackberry” wants to tap more into non business market.

I would personally love to see a phone seamlessly put together with both phone features, interface, use experience, etc. I would call it “Iberry” or better yet “Blackphone”. That probably would never happen, but nothing is wrong with dreaming.

This was pretty interesting though…. I wonder how many other people caught this?

What do you think about blackberry evil scheme??






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