Google Who?…. No Facebook Me!

What can the ???FACEBOOK ME??? Effect do for your business and brand?. “Facebook Me” is the new replacement phrase for ???Find Me or Look me up???. This will also soon replace the already famous “Google Me” phrase created by it???s users. If you don’t think it is, well you are alone because the new advance social media marketing and advertising company along with 500 million other people think it is. ??

The “Facebook Me” effect have also drawn ten of thousands of businesses to not only advertise on the social network platform but to build a web like presence for there company, product and brand. With the help of social media marketing company, companies and brands can get there fan page custom built with Designs, Graphics, Forms, Video, Pictures, etc to create an engaging consumer experience directly from there facebook fan page.


SociallyBuzz is a social media marketing, management and advertising company. With the execution of numerous campaigns from targeted fan page growth/management to social media marketing for over 400 client including City of Miami Beach, Svedka vodka, Cash for Gold Canada, Vlingo, Dream Nightclub, Cadbury Chocolate, and Blue Flame, in less than a year of existence, is proving that SociallyBuzz is living up to there reputation of not only providing businesses with the ???Facebook Me Effect??? but with ???Social Media Marketing??? on steroids.

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