[Sociallybuzz.com] See how Nightclubs are utilizing Social Media

Social Media is KING!

This post is recognizing one of our new Client “DREAM NIGHTCLUB“, South beach. This is an example to show that Social Media can work for any type of business. Once they have the right resources and expertise to guide them through the phases and create engaging ways to interact with new and existing consumers, the results can be amazing. This is a starting case study of what have been done so far with DREAM NIGHTCLUB FAN PAGE. (We will post updates?? and end results in the coming weeks/months).

Company Overview
Dream Nightclub is Miami’s Hottest nightclub that offers a sultry, intimate
scene for the social elite. Located in the heart of South Beach, Dream
features a combination of vintage style and cosmopolitan sophistication.
Upon parting the velvet ropes, you’ll quickly discover why you love??

Dream wanted the ability to reach and interactively connect with there existing and
new party enthusiast anytime, through there Facebook Fan Page. To
promote upcoming and weekly events.??

Sociallybuzz turned there simple fan page into a creative web presence.??
1) We created a custom welcome page tab, which turned into the landing
page. Every time a new person visited there fan page, they were greeted
with a custom built image, showing pictures of the venue, pictures of party
goers, and pictures of upcoming events, all put together in a creative

2) We changed the Profile image and resize it, so that the Fan Page gets to
use all spaces necessary to capture there full audience attention.

3) We created the first campaign “BE A CELEBRITY FOR A NIGHT, DREAMS DO COME TRUE” last Wednesday, and already have drawn hundreds of new followers and created a lot of interaction on there Fan Page.


Stay tuned for updates on our client DREAM NIGHTCLUB and this campaign.




Let us know what you think?




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