[Sociallybuzz.com] 11 Secret tips on how to create engaging Facebook Fan Pages


The Sociallybuzz team wanted to share with you a few social media tips gathered from around the web. This will help you to create an effective brand online or help you to take your existing social media brand to the next level. Read below and “Thank Us Later”.

Here are a few secret tips on how to create growth and engagement for your Clients, Customers & Fans on your Facebook Fan Page.

  1. Static FBML for Your Page Sidebar Personalized Tab or landing page, that also shows on your wall. Great Tab to put a specific promo, discount, etc.

  2. PromotionsContests and giveaways are a great way to engage people with your brand, especially on the social web. A chance at some free stuff is one of the top reasons people follow and friend brands in the first place.

  3. Social RSSIf you already have great content from your company???s blog or another social network that you???d like to bring to the fore of your Facebook presence, Social RSS is a smart tool.

  4. PollA poll can be a casual way to get a read from your fans about a new product, a new page design, or your business in general.

  5. Youtube For PagesIf creating video content is part of your business???s social media strategy you can squeeze more views out of your productions by dedicating a Fan Page tab to your YouTube channel

  6. Foursquare for PagesIf your business is located on Foursquare. Everyone can see how popular your spot is and read the tips visitors have left.

  7. Right Size Fan Page Profile PictureThe good thing about this is a larger picture offers better visibility of the campaign itself, which may include your company logo or a promotional banner of any kind.

  8. Diverse Tabs Facebook allows you to change the traditional boring tabs to be more exciting, original, and relevant.

  9. Custom Landing PagesCreate or assign a specific landing page for your viewers to see when they first visit your page. It could be Your Promotion Tab, Youtube Tab, etc)

  10. A Full Website Experience?? within FacebookImagine your personal web page with already 500 million possible viewers.

  11. Twitter for PagesHave your twitter page interact within your Facebook Fan Page


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About Sociallybuzz:

Sociallybuzz is a Social Media Brand Management, Marketing & Advertising company that makes managing, maintaining and growth of your social media presence in real time simple, affordable and effective.


The Sociallybuzz Team



Leave a comment below and let us know what you think or if you have any tips we can share with the world.


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