[Sociallybuzz] Facebook Launching Daily Deal, Not Location Based Feature [Rumor]


Lets go straight into the rumor and see if it makes any sense.

First lets take a look at a possible Facebook Daily Deal launch. With companies like Groupon and Living Social making millions of dollars and valuing in the billions, it’s stupid not to think that online king kongs like Facebook doesn’t want to take a piece of that pie. Twitter launched a similiar featured called “Early Bird“, which is now seeing great traction.This would be the easiest thing for Facebook to launch, yes easier than a location based feature. With access to over 500 million people and already knowing their “likes”, it would be easy for them to Integrate that daily deal feature right above the sponsored feature or within the news feed. Even to take things a bit deeper, the daily deal and location feature could launch hand in hand and benefit each other. The question would now be, with Facebook entering the daily deal business how would this affect Groupon, or LivingSocial? Because I know it would instantly “murder” all the wannabes daily deal clones.

Now let’s take a closer look at the LOCATION BASE feature, since everyone and their momma is riding on this idea. Yes the location feature would be a plus which will probably end up killing Foursquare, Gowalla and the other players in the location base busines unless Facebook use them to enhance on whatever location base feature they have already developed if any. I personally hate location base games and would rather a Daily Deal feature from Facebook.

To also look at the bigger picture since Google is trying to get in the social network business. It would be smart for Facebook to launch the daily deal feature because this would give Facebook 1 up on Google, unless Google end up buying Groupon. But as we all know, Google is known for unintentionally killing companies they acquire. So I’m sure Groupon would not sell.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Disclaimer: I’m not a journalist or a professional blogger so I do not like to assume or speculate, but this has been on my mind for the pass couple weeks so I figured I’ll get some feed back from people that might be thinking like me.

What do you think? Leave comments below.



BY: Andre Kay

Sociallybuzz, Inc

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