[Sociallybuzz.com] 3 Important Tips on How to Keep your Brand Relevant on Facebook


 Ever posted a status update, picture or video on your facebook fan page and realize its not showing up in yours or your fans news feeds. So what good is it to have thousands of fans but every time you post information, updates, contest, giveaways, etc they never sees it. It pretty much defeats the purpose of having a fan page, right? Well this is one of the important reason why you need an experienced social media account manager who knows and understand the process of managing your facebook and online presence.

The Sociallybuzz team understands the “News Feed Optimization” that facebook uses to determine what page information is relevant base on what they called “Edge Rank” which has 3 components important to Facebook’s algorithm.

Here are the 3 components:


1)  Affinity – This is the score between the viewing user and the item’s creator — if you communicate with your fans (via messages, they check your fan page often, like your post, click your links) then that fan will have a higher affinity score for your fan page than someone who don’t communicate with your fan page.

2) Weight – This is given to each type of Edge. A picture, video post or a comment gives it much more weight.

3) Time – The older a post is, the less important it becomes.

So in non-techie terms, the more message, pictures and videos you post and the more likes, comments and share you get on those post, the higher your edge rank scores and the more relevant and visible your brand messages becomes.

Here are 3 important tips on how create engagement, stay relevant and be visible:

1) Post multimedia content relevant to your brand (Picture, Videos, etc)
2) Do regular contest and giveaways which require your fans to participate and share your page
3) Make entertaining, inspirational/educational posting (base on your brand), and ask your fans questions, which will require then to leave answers and this creates communication between your fan and your brand.

It is not a fad anymore, you need a facebook fan page as much as you need a website.

In conclusion if you’re promoting a campaign, or just want your brand message to be more relevant and visible to your fans and there friends be sure to share content that your audience will want to engage with.

The content we put together for our Clients to share to their fans are able to draw the attention of their audience, which then connects their fans with their brand message.

Remember if you need help staying relevant and visible to your fans and customers, let Sociallybuzz manage, maintain, moderate and grow your social media presence for you.



Sociallybuzz is a Social Media Brand Management, Marketing & Advertising company that makes Managing, Maintaining and Growth of your social media presence in real time Simple, Affordable and Effective.

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