Ways to Help you Implement your Social Good Campaign on Facebook


Facebook is a great social tool to begin with for starters.  We all know there is a lot of people already joined-in the network. I think its safe to call Facebook the largest social network audience. The good thing about is that people who are not even on Facebook seem to land on it because of certain businesses, events, and causes.  So if you’re interested in registering a charity, this information should help out a lot.


Developing and launching a campaign on Facebook may seem easy but it takes dedicated time and effort. It does not matter if you are an established organization or a small charity.  You want to take a step back and first ask what is it that you want to get out of Facebook, is it conversation? Donations? Or support? When you get those answers or your goals then join and see what the outcome brings. Below are a couple little steps to insure that you are ready to launch that cause!

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*Interacting should be a must if you are in any type of business that is promoting through any social media. There is no need to even be on Facebook if you are not going to interact. You should be more than willing to put in time for comments and answering questions. Devote time to update the content on your page for your cause or campaign to have any success with it. The audience will want a part of what you are doing because they want to feel a part of the cause. So by you creating the community your fans will want to stick around. Try and ask your fans what pictures they would like to see or videos. It does not hurt to get feedback.  This also creates a dialogue and this bond around the cause in what your business is offering.



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Causes is an app on Facebook where supporters and non-profits can setup for their campaigns. Non-profits can create a page and get donations directly to them and everyday users can set up a page that supports the non-profit already approved on Facebook. They have handy pages that can be more in depth with the conditions and how donations are handled. Of course there are required conditions with signing up. Please do some research on your end as well because a lot of people are not too familiar with “non-profits.


Please also remember that before you even begin to donate on any type of campaign on Facebook you want to make sure your money is going to the correct place. Make sure that root organization is registered 501 © (3) or if it appears on a registry website. www.causes.com is a good site to find more information on this. Facebook offers this platform to make it a little bit easier to reach people.


If you need additional help please contact Sociallybuzz, Inc.



Written By: Jenell W.

Sociallybuzz Blogger-Ru


About Sociallybuzz: 
Sociallybuzz is a social media management, marketing and advertising company, working with businesses and franchises to help them understand the importance of having a local social web presence and the values of having a great relationship with their walk-in consumers online. Sociallybuzz have over 50 experience social media/online account managers, that knows all social media and location based platforms inside and out, including tailoring specific verbiage and best practices.

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