Social Media is like Snakes and Ladders [InfoGraphic]

Having a successful Social Media presence and community is important. But what happens when something goes wrong, do you lose your place in the social media line as the most effective or influential?  

According to writer Bob Barker of Engaging Times, “You could look at the world of social media as a game of snakes and ladders. One bad decision can send you sliding down a slippery slope, but to climb to the top takes dedication.”, We couldn’t agree more with that statement.

Let’s take a look at the top social media brands as if it was a game of SNAKES and LADDERS


Engaging Times went on to say that the brands that rank highest are those really engaging with customers through the channels that mean something to them. 

What social media channels are you using to directly engage your customers and stay above the noise?







About Sociallybuzz: 
Sociallybuzz is a social media management, marketing and advertising company, working with businesses and franchises to help them understand the importance of having a local social web presence and the values of having a great relationship with their walk-in consumers online. Sociallybuzz have over 50 experience social media/online account managers, that knows all social media and location based platforms inside and out, including tailoring specific verbiage and best practices.

The Sociallybuzz team consists of experienced Marketing Gurus, Social Media Strategist, Genius Product Developers, SEO Specialist and Account Managers with WOW customer service.



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