More Restaurants Dominating in Social Media + Top 25 Most Social Restaurant Brands

We have all grown to know how effective social media is with a lot of businesses. Nowadays it takes a lot more than a well done steak or adding extra ketchup packets to somebody’s order for a business to succeed and to progress. Its takes a lot of creativity to keep that hold on your customers. So knowing how to market your brand and keeping grip on the customers is where social media plays a major role. It’s amazing how some food businesses engage their clients with more buzz through the media.  Some examples that they use are foursquare, living social, twitter, or facebook.




I feel more restaurant should embrace the possibilities that comes with advising through the media.  It’s a great marketing tool for a lot of businesses. On the other side of the business, customers do like to give feedback and share their experiences with others, to brag about how good the food was, the deals they got, or even the atmosphere. It’s motivation on both ends to use social media.

There are many businesses out there from small to big that do well with what they do but lack the opportunity to market themselves more or their brand. When they finally pick up on what to do they learn what they can do better or what they should stop, even if it’s unnecessary information but then can see what type of people like their business and they learn what makes them tick to keep their interest.

As a restaurant or franchise owner you should try these things:

1) Make sure your business can be searched and seen through local business guides.

2) You should always ask for feedbacks.

3) Create and manage a twitter account.

4) Try setting up something that can give your loyal customers news like email newsletters about what’s new or going on with your business.

5) Sign up for Google alerts

6) Start a blog on your websites, where they can leave comments.

The top 25 restaurants/franchises in the nation are very well active with using marketing tools to drive traffic to their business. Below are the top 25 restaurants evoking in social media.

“Starbucks, McDonald’s and Subway took the first three spots in the top 25 rankings, which Vitrue said are based on the number of online mentions the companies garner on social-networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, photo-sharing sites like Flickr, check-ins on location-based services, and inclusion on blogs.”





Written By: Jenell W.

Sociallybuzz Blogger-Ru


About Sociallybuzz: 
Sociallybuzz is a social media management, marketing and advertising company, working with businesses and franchises to help them understand the importance of having a local social web presence and the values of having a great relationship with their walk-in consumers online. Sociallybuzz have over 50 experience social media/online account managers, that knows all social media and location based platforms inside and out, including tailoring specific verbiage and best practices.

 The Sociallybuzz team consists of experienced Marketing Gurus, Social Media Strategist, Genius Product Developers, SEO Specialist and Account Managers with WOW customer service.

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