#BUZZ: Do You Know Your Klout Score?

Many people aim to be popular in social media. We have famous Viners, influential Twitter followers, and even Snapchat popularity. But only because someone gets famous through a social media outlet, does not mean that they are considered influential in the social media world. The Klout score is a rating that assigns a numerical value to the social media popularity of a brand or person.

Known as the Q score of social media, Klout tracks the reach and influence across your social medias pages. It uses social media analytics to rank its users not only by the number of followers or the number of posts, but by the number of retweets, shares, interactions, and many other factors.

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Klout measures your popularity on social media on scores ranging from 1 to 100 (President Obama is at 99 and justin Bieber at 92.) The more influential you are, the higher your Klout score is. The Klout score isn’t the average of your influence across all your networks, it’s the accumulation. The Klout score takes this accumulation from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Wikipedia. It will soon be compatible with Bing.


These accumulations, however, are not the only thing measuring your Klout score. Klout’s CEO, Joe Fernandez, says that some 400 different factors are taken into account along with 12 social metrics. He says Klout’s purpose it to help social media users answer the question: “When you speak, does the world listen?” He says the idea is for users to use the Klout score to help them communicate better.

Whether your social media popularity is important to you or not, more often than not, people care about their social reputation. Klout can help you understand the way you are being percieved.

Visit http://www.kout.com to begin tracking your Klout score.


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